U.S. Customs Brokers and Compliance

Customs Clearance at all U.S. Ports of Entry

We specialize in U.S. Mexico Customs Brokerage services and can clear any shipments at any U.S. port of entry.

Trade Compliance

We offer a large scope of commodity compliance and regulatory services. Our team ensures that our processes follow all governmental requirements so that your goods are transported smoothly, arrive at their destination on time, and complete a safe and successful trade transaction.

USMCA Compliance

We help clients navigate through the new agreement and ensure clients follow USMCA compliance and qualifications.

Shipment Tracking and Reporting

Once your shipment has arrived at Customs we track its progress. You will be notified when it arrives, is being reviewed/inspected, and when your shipment is released.

Global Ally’s Client Portal

We offer clients a special login to our systems so that they can access shipment and warehouse information in real time. This helps us keep clients up to date with shipment information and status.

HTSUS Classification Guidance

HTSUS classifications can be confusing and complex. Our team will help provide guidance in selecting the correct classification for your goods. The correct classification will ensure a smoother process through Customs.

Duty Rate

Depending on your shipment, certain duty rates may apply. Our team will perform an analysis and provide you with an estimate of what you duty rates will be.

In some cases, if your shipment qualifies for USMCA, certain duty rates may be waved.

Customs Bonds

Shipments going trough Customs require a special insurance called a Customs Bond. Because there are different types of Bonds, our team will ensure you obtain the correct one for your specific shipment.

CTPAT Certified

We are certified and an advocate of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) supply chain security program, led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CTPAT qualified supply chains have the benefit of faster border processing.

Quick Processing of Shipments 

We understand that timely arrival of goods for our clients is key to their success. Therefore we make it our goal to ensure that every detail of your shipment is prepared correctly and follows are necessary guidelines to ensure a fast and smooth process through all Customs channels.

Logistics Coordination

Wether your goods are being shipped by  air, ocean, or land our logistics team will assist in the coordination, communication, and processing.

Warehousing and Center of Distribution

We understand the importance of warehousing goods before and after processing. Our clients can feel assured that their goods will be properly stored and secured within our warehousing facilities. We can also act as a center of distribution for our clients where goods can be shipped to their final destination.

Transportation Services

We offer a variety of flexible transportation options.  Choose Global Ally’s owned and operated trucking company, Correo International, or from our network of other trucking companies.  We also offer vans, flatbeds, and what ever you may need to transport your goods.